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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Random is the Way to Go

As most of you will probably know Chris was supposed to go to the Reading Festival but a few weeks ago changed his mind and sold his ticket to Dean. Well as he had already booked the time off with Jim (his boss at the pub) he decided to still take the holiday as he hadn't had a weekend off in two years. That left the decision of what to do with all that free time.

As Brett and Dean had gone to Reading Chris was left to do the Shed on his own on Thursday Night so I volunteered to do the door for him as he couldn't be in two places at once. Usually they would get a live band to play for a set so they could have a break but typically the week they really need a band they couldn't get one so that was the first disaster. The second disaster came when Brett, Christy and Dean set off for Reading; Dean was supposed to leave his CD's for Chris to use but Chris started panicking because he couldn't see them in the flat. Well JENNY the super flat mate to the rescue after nearly 24 hours of him freaking out about it. She had tidied up the lounge that afternoon and found a ruc sack with the CD's in. Chris had been a typical male and not looked right under his nose!!

So with that disaster diverted another one came around the corner. All the regular punters of Vertigo had joined the tremendous trio in Reading so we had no clientele. After playing to an empty house for an hour Perry (the manager of the Shed) decided to cut his losses and close up for the night. Chris and I decided what needed to be done was get well and truly drunk so we first headed to the Corn Exchange in Brierley Hill unknown to us it was "old people dancing night" so we headed back to the Round Oak to drown our sorrows. Talking over our drinks at the pub we decided to head to New Street train station next morning and get the first train out of the West Midlands to get away from everything and everyone for at least for a day and come back sometime on Saturday.

Waking up on Friday morning was very hard (well for Chris who is not a morning person at all). I attempted to wake him up my tickling him but ended giving up and joining him lazing in bed for a couple of hours. So by the time we showered, got dressed, got a 109 bus to Birmingham and got to New Street it was 2 pm. We looked at the departures board and there were three trains leaving the Midlands in the next half hour:

  • Bournemouth which was at least a 4 hours journey.
  • Newcastle which was a 3 hour journey.
  • Manchester which was a 2 hour journey.

So we opted for Manchester, bought an open return ticket for £26.50 on Virgin Trains and we were off on our random holiday adventure.

The train was EXCELLENT!! It had its own shop, radio stations and an "in flight" magazine. I'll never set foot on a rubbish CENTRO train again Virgin may have a reputation for being late and breaking down but at least you are stuck in luxury.

On the train Chris explained that the guys from the pub went to Manchester year for Jim's stag do. When we arrived at around 4 pm we decided to try and find one of the cocktail bars they went to the problem being they were very drunk and all Chris could remember was it was by the canal. This resulted in us wondering around the city admiring the architecture and getting lost in the Gay areas of the city. After two hours we finally found the bar we were looking for the "Baa Bar".

This was a rather swanky cocktail bar which had about 40 cocktail shots that you could buy for £1. I decided i would try one called "mint delicious" (white chocolate and mint), Chris decided that he was going to have a "Dave" (butterscotch,) considering we were in the Gay Capital of the UK. While we were there we asked to borrow their Yellow Pages to find the phone number of one of the Round Oak's sister pub The Merlin which was in nearby Alderley Edge but we couldn't find it. In the end I phoned up Maureen directory enquiries 118 212 and got the number straight away but unfortunately they were fully booked but they did give us the number of The County Hotel that was next door. They had a double room left so we snapped it up and headed back to the train station to get a train to Alderley Edge.

The journey was eventful with the guard from hell shouting at the passengers and Chris shitting himself when a plane went over us at the airport station. We found the hotel quite easily. It was a nice room with an on-suite bathroom, TV and most importantly for Chris a coffee machine. While we settled in we read some broachers that we picked up from reception and discovered that the annual Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Parade was the next day. As it was supposed to be our random holiday we thought what the hell lets go. After we settled in we went to the Merlin for something to eat.

We had a really nice time that night laughing over our meal and generally enjoying being together as a couple. Having a double bed was weird as we're so use to cramming into a single bed at the flat we found that we were just too far away from each other.

The next morning we set off back into Manchester with a hotel towel in our bag as Chris had never stayed in a hotel before. We walked a bit round the shops and went to the People's History Museum before heading to the Parade. I will openly admit that we initially went to the parade as a laugh to see what it was like as it turned out it was great. There were people from all parts of society there i.e. families, couples gay and straight celebrating together in a mass of colour and noise. We brought rainbow flags and joined in with the celebrations.

After seeing the Parade we headed for home. That night we were so tired from all the walking we had done that day we curled up on the sofa to watch Goldmember and The Butterfly Effect.

The next morning or should I say afternoon because yet again we overslept we met up with Cat, Jen, Paul and Ste in Merryhill so that they could do their holiday shopping and that we could do a weekly food shop and buy some cleaning products to clean the flat. We had great fun in Matalan buying clothes and finding new outfits for the boys.

Back at the flat Chris and I got to cleaning the lounge and the bathroom. Afterwards I cooked us a meal. I will openly admit I was very nervous about this cooking is definitely not one of my strong suits and that I had never cooked for someone else before. I cooked a stir fry which was probably one of the simplest things I could do as Chris is a vegetarian but I'm not. Chris said it was good but personally I think I should have chopped up the button mushrooms. We then decided to go the Cinema but when we got to the cinema there was nothing that appealed to us so we went for a drink at Weatherspoons instead. Here I got to experience the wonder that is Chris on a quiz machine. He gets very enthusiastic and animated it’s like watching a small child on Christmas morning. After I had popped to the cash point to get some credit we went back to the flat to again curl up together to watch X2.

In the morning, to finish the weekend we played Super Mario on the Super Nintendo before Chris had to go to work and I met my parents and their friends downstairs in the pub for Lunch.

To conclude, before this weekend I knew I loved Chris but now I know for certain that I’m IN love with him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. During the weekend we were apart only a couple of minutes at a time which I thought would drive us up the wall but if anything has brought us closer. We’ve been apart just under 24 hours and have already text each other 50 times because we miss each other so much.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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